Helping a Large Regional Hospital
reduce time to complete refills by 80%

A busy regional hospital was tasked with finding ways to contain soaring health care costs and reduce inefficiency while continuing to provide the highest level of patient care. Nurses and administrators was struggling with a cumbersome manual process to handle incoming faxed orders for prescription refills. An increasing number of refill requests and inefficient in-house prescriptions system, were driving up expenses.

Client: Large regional hospital
Services: Safety net facility that cares for the
majority of uninsured and under insured patients in the region.
Annual revenue: More than $700 million
Annual admissions: 25,000
Years in service: More than 150 years

The hospital had been using a RightFax server to handle both faxes sent out by their lab reporting system and faxes sent to their Poison & Drug Control subsidiary. One Touch Global Technologies was brought in to provide a solution that combined the existing RightFax system with the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS) for workflow automation, document routing, and auditing.THE RESULTS
Thanks to the OTIS integration, the consistency and accuracy of their data and process is much improved, and as a result, the speed with which the refill requests are filled has increased dramatically. Faxes and PDFs are no longer lost, and administrators and nurses have more time to focus on patient care. Overall, OTIS automation allows for better tracking and audit trails, faster replies, and improved documentation for prescriptions.“We had been spending an excessive amount of time tracking down and reconciling misplaced, lost, and duplicated documents. The One Touch Integration Server has made everything easier.”


The One Touch Integration Server was a game-changer for the hospital, providing automation that improves process efficiency for paper, fax, and email documents. For the hospital, this meant:

  • Fewer manual steps
  • Increased visibility and security
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved patient care and response times