Enterprise Fax

One Touch Global Technologies’ goal is to make your documentation processes simpler.

That’s why we partner with Global 2000 organizations, channel partners, and technology vendors to enable a wide variety of systems and devices, using connectors within our One Touch Integration Server (OTIS) system. Check out some of our integration partners below.

  • + Office 365 and Mail to Fax
    Mail to Fax technology provided by One Touch allows faxes to be delivered using your email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, in conjunction with your email server (such as Microsoft Exchange and Office 365). With an email to fax client customers can easily deploy fax functionality without additional software. One Touch also allows advanced commands to be embedded into emails, works with back ends systems and SMTP, and has advanced HTML rendering features
  • + OpenText RightFax
    RightFax is a popular on-premise fax server solution, and One Touch maintains an enterprise support, deployment and managed services team for RightFax, including advanced integrations and workflow solutions as a single vendor offering.
  • + Dialogic Brooktrout
    Dialogic is a leading manufacturer of fax technologies, including Brooktrout Fax Boards (TR1034 and TruFax), and SR140 Fax over IP (FoIP) software, and One Touch has provided product, support and services around these technologies, since 1994.
  • + Office 365 SharePoint
    Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint are already well known as a content system, but One Touch takes it a step further with advanced synchronous integration of Views and Content Types for document delivery, retention and business process integration.
  • + Microsoft Azure
    As a cloud friendly company, One Touch provides fax and workflow solutions designed for premise, cloud and hybrid environments, including multi-tenant interfaces, gateways, and RESTful API’s that support other cloud environments for custom applications.
  • + Amazon AWS
    As a cloud friendly company, One Touch provides fax and workflow solutions designed for premise, cloud and hybrid environments, including multi-tenant interfaces, gateways, and RESTful API’s that support other cloud environments for custom applications.
  • + OpenText Teleform
    One Touch provided its first Teleform integration in 1994, which was to process fax order forms. One Touch is able to work with Teleform and other document capture and recognition environments to optimize document intelligence and workflow throughput, and to help customers tie these into other business applications including accounting systems.
  • + etherFAX
    etherFAX is a secure data transmission solution and document transfer service that leverages hybrid cloud technology for fast, reliable and cost-effective fax communications. One Touch provides advanced support, development and integration solutions, whether customers have a fax server, or need custom integration.
  • + OpenText easyLink
    EasyLink is part of the OpenText Business Network that provides cloud-based faxing, and this integration is supported by One Touch and TargetFax.
  • + Fabsoft Reform
    One Touch provides a complete solution for document output management using Reform, and supports premise and cloud fax environments with Reform. Reform permits custom document assembly and distribution by fax and email from host systems like AS400’s and Mainframes, Windows applications, and host platforms such as EPIC, including RightFax FCL codes.
  • + IBM Watson Merge RIS
    One Touch provides native integration to IBM Merge RIS, part of IBM Watson, including archiving and file cleanup, and is the preferred alternative to GFI FaxMaker for highly reliable and enterprise-class fax delivery of critical documents in healthcare and other industries.
  • + Hyland OnBase
    Hyland OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management system, and One Touch developed a native integration which provides multiple intake options for customers, including the support of out of the box file-based OnBase capture using bar codes and preprocessed meta data.
  • + GFI Fax Integrations
    One Touch is able to provide solutions that replace GFI FaxMaker. If you have an application that requires GFI, but you need a robust and well supported environment, please contact One Touch.
  • + GoogleDocs
    One Touch provides a native integration to GoogleDocs for document archiving. However One Touch is able to integrate and/or create a new connector for fax and workflow into a variety of existing content systems.
  • + IBM Content Manager
    One Touch integrates natively to IBM Content Manager using web services, and custom connectors for fax and workflow can be assembled in a customer environment.
  • + Web Service APIs, Restful APIs
    One Touch can tie existing fax and workflow processes to existing business applications, and to third party solutions and cloud infrastructures, using our APIs as well as third-party APIs. This includes working with cloud solutions and hybrid cloud environments.
  • + File-Based APIs and XML
    One Touch provides existing File and XML API integrations, and it can emulate third-party file and XML integrations.
  • + Sangoma Media Gateways
    Sangoma Media gateways allow customers to support virtual fax environments using fax over IP (FoIP), while still leveraging existing telecom PRI circuits. Support for T1’s for fax with virtual servers and fax boards requires a gateway. One Touch provides complete fax server solutions and support of the extended environment.
  • + Fax Engineered SIP Trunks for Fax over IP (FoIP)
    IP Telecom (IPT) and SIP trunks are the future of voice telecommunications, however most carriers focus on voice codecs that are unfriendly to fax communications, as fax is based on modem codecs. Therefore most SIP trunks, even from major carriers, are not ideal for fax. One Touch supports fax engineered SIP trunks, and provides support for the extended fax solution. Fax engineered SIP trunks are secure internet enabled, are typically fully virtualized with no hardware required.