Medical Optics Company leverages their RightFax system with the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS) to automate and accelerate order processing

This international company provides vision technologies and support to help eye care professionals deliver optimal vision and lifestyle experiences with products ranging from eye drops to Lasik surgery devices. The organization has an extensive support network to handle orders from eye care professionals, distributors and retailers.

Find an efficient way to handle orders The company needed a faster and more responsive process to handle orders that arrived via fax. The existing manual review process was unsustainable.

Incoming orders, mainly for Intraocular Lenses used in cataract surgery, were being reviewed and distributed manually to the account management teams. Customer service representatives (CSRs) had to identify fax orders, find the corresponding customer data, add account details to the fax record, and then forward all of this information to account manager teams by territories or named accounts.

  • Problems with their manual routing:
  • Manual identification and routing of fax orders required an additional labor burden
  • Tedious and repetitive work led to low staff morale and higher turn-over. Skilled labor was being required to do unskilled tasks.
  • Faxes required manual handling from too many CSRs.
  • Orders were delayed or missed.
  • Emails had duplicated fax orders.

To sum it all up, the RightFax server and Outlook client applications that the company had in place were not designed for managing or tracking a business process shared by several users.

SOLUTION: Implementing OTIS with RightFax to help automate order processing

The company needed to expedite their fax order process and a key requirement was to use the existing RightFax environment. Upon review, the Customer Support Manager decided to leverage the native RightFax integration and workflow capabilities of the One Touch Integration Server (OTIS).

RightFax continues to receive inbound fax orders; however, OTIS now monitors these orders, syncs with customer information generated by SAP, and associates that information with the CallerIDs. Within seconds, OTIS delivers the orders with detailed customer information to the CSR responsible for the account.

If there is no Caller-ID match, the order can still be delivered to the proper territory using the area code, or placed in the exception queue for hands-on account identification and pairing to the sender’s Caller-ID for future routing.

  • Every fax order is now organized using a process specific folder structure within the RightFax FaxUtil, with updated columns of account data.
  • Original events and auditable event history are maintained for security and future access.
  • They can now automatically output transaction information for business intelligence, or for archiving to back-end repositories.

“The goal was to improve our processes by drastically reducing the time required to handle fax orders, our department is able to spend more time doing trouble shooting and other customer-facing activities.”

– Head of Customer Service

RESULTS & BENEFITS: Better efficiency leads to satisfied customers
Orders are now automatically sent with complete account detail to the CSRs. Faxes for specific accounts and regions are easy to locate with FaxUtil and CSRs are now spending more time on customer-facing issues.

  • Improved Customer Fulfillment: The integration with OTIS has dramatically reduced front-end manual efforts, and it has helped prevent lost orders and improvefulfillment.
  • Faster Processing: By working with One Touch Global Technologies, the medical optics company was able to automate, streamline and expedite fax order processes and reduce processing time by over 80%. Now the department processes all of the orders in 2 hours each day instead of 11 hours.
  • Leverage IT Infrastructure: There was no need to ‘rip and replace.’ They saved costs by leveraging and building upon their existing RightFax server investment, without placing a burden on their MS Exchange environment.
  • Quick Flexible Integration: The medical optics company particularly liked that they were able to easily automate their order workflow and integration processes without any programming. The support manager has been very pleased that the integration was “quick, flexible and able to evolve with changing environments”, and at a lower cost than other options they had considered.